Is It Me or The Speakers ? ?

I'm fairly new at this and still feeling my way around. I purchase a pair of DCM TFE 200 with the understanding that I can return them if I'm not pleased. So I set them up and it seems that the left channel was very passive/weak no really contributing to the stero effect, and really no sound stage. I have an Integra RDC7 Pre/Processor which allows for Speaker setup. One of the feature emitts a pink noise signal to calibrate the speakers. The pink signal coming from the Left speaker sound flat and different compared to the Right speaker. So I switch the speakers around putting the right on the left cables and the left on the right cables. The noise test results reflect that now the Right speaker is flat hence it is a particular speaker that is flat respone compared to the other speaker. So one speaker sounds different from the other. Is that correct? ? Should both speaker emitt the same tone during the noise signal ? ?
Also I notice that after I switch the speakers around I was able to get a better sound stage. . not perfect not noticably better. I check and there not indication that one speaker is Left and the other Right.
The novice I am think I sould contact the seller and request a replacement speaker? Is it me or is it the speakers ? ? I have them bi-wired too. My amp is a CinePro 3K6 @ 350WPC @8 ohms etc.
Speakers must be a perfectly matched pair, so no, this is not right. That said, room dependency could have an effect on the sound of one speaker vs. another at the same position, but it shouldn't be so drastic. You can check this by listening to the sound very close to the speaker (thus minimizing room effect).

I would also check each driver in the offending speaker. . .could be a blown tweeter on the "flat" speaker. Perhaps this is a fuse protected driver and can be fixed for a buck or two. You mention bi-wiring--check the connections for the HF side. . .maybe switching the speaker wires themselves is also in order. If the "flat" moves from one speaker to the other when you make this change, it could be a defective wire or just a bad connection at the amp end.

If you exhaust all these ideas without success, it may be time to return the speakers.

I think you are correct. To confirm swap speaker position and if the the problem moves then it is the speaker. If the problem stays on the same side then you may have other problems. Also check the back of the speaker for fuses etc..
As you are biwiring, simply disconnect the speaker wire going to the woofer on the suspect speaker to see how the tweeter is working. Do this on both speakers to compare. The tweeters should sound identical. From your description it sounds like a bad tweeter.
Thanks for all the feedback, I called the seller and they asked me to return the speaker for a replacement. So it ships out first thing in the morning.

Thanks again - Hap