Is it idiotic to stack components directly on top of one another?

I'm thinking of a SS integrated amp, CD player and tuner.

Would it be idiotic to place a very heavy and solid Electrocompaniet CD player directly underneath a heavy vintage Accuphase integrated amp and tuner? Would the vibrations degrade the CD player performance, or would the weight mitigate that issue to a large extent?

The amp runs quite warm, so I'd rather it be on top.

Also, if it is an obvious mistake, are there any isolation shelves or other work-arounds that would look nice, and wouldn't cost a small fortune?

Thanks for your input!

I see no issues from an amplifiers vibration for the player? If anything I would think the other way around as the CD is spinning.

That said, I really like using Vibrapods under my equipment, and for this instance I think it would be beneficial for you. They’re one of the best inexpensive tweaks in our hobby.

These are very effective at isolating turtables. I'm also using two sets to isolate mono block amps sitting on top of a set of Klipsch Heresys, under CD players, DVD, etc, you get the picture.
Yes it is. This will give you the worst sound quality.
Never advisable, do it only if there is no other way.
Thanks for the feedback.
put the amp on top and see how it sounds

BETTER: have someone else do that w/o your knowledge and obscure the area with cloth screen so you cannot tell how the physical configuration is set up - then listen that way and with them side by side; see if you can hear a difference