Is HomeGrown Audio still in business?

I placed an order late Sunday night for the DIY Silver Lace kit. I received the automatic confirmation email. Since then my card has not been charged and no further emails from them.

I tried to call the number on their website but was told the number has been changed (by operator). Called the new one but it just rang and rang. Emailed them yesterday, still no response. Does anyone know what is up? Is this their usual conduct?

Spoke with Kevin yesterday. They just moved from Illinois to Virginia. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week.
Thanks Jlc146, I hope they smooth things out soon.
Has Homegrown Audio responded to your order as of yet?
I too, am wanting to place an order for the Silver Laces's. I hope that he has re-opened for business.
Yes they responded... the day after Jlc146 responded to my original post. The cable kit has since arrived. About 1.5 hrs later I had a great pair of interconnects. I think they are trying very hard to catch up. I do not know enough about their situation to speculate on their current production time. I would suggest placing the order. Even if they are still experincing shipping delays you will still get the cable within 2 weeks. Considering the price/performance ratio I think that is still a great deal.