Is going from Aerial 10T to Aerial 7T a significant upgrade ?

I have Aerial 10T speakers and I have been happy with them.
I've had them for 15 years and I guess I am ready for a change and since the speakers are in my Manhattan living room, I wouldn't mind a speaker that looks a little nicer.

My question is would switching to the newer Aerial 7T speaker be a significant upgrade in sound, or would the difference be subtle ?
 As my 10Ts are rather old (even though they work fine), I doubt I would get much for selling them so the switch would cost me about $5K or so.

I have Ayre CD player, ARC LS25 mk II pre-amp, and an ARC VT200 amplifier.


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the 8 and 8b sound similar to the 10T but look very different

You can find a 7T for under $5000, and your 10T might get you close to $2000 if it's a later vintage.  Most find the mids and treble better on the 7T , but you would sacrifice bass. Some prefer older equipment too
I have the 7b, and still love it after 10 years.
The 7T is different enough from the 10T that an audition is a must. For me it is much better except for deepest bass 
If you keep speakers for 15 years it is worth the trip.  You might also check with the NYC audiophile clubs, a 7T owner may be quite happy to show off their system. Another option is to contact Aerial, tell them the serial numbers and find out if you have the last version of the 10T; if not you can purchase a new pair of the upgrade tweeters from them.
Yes,  Aerial made a few changes in the 10T over the years without changing the model number, the last of which was an improved tweeter, which Aerial can still supply (at least a year ago they could).