Is DVD a good transport?

If my DVD has no HDCD function but my DAC has, can the HDCD signal be read from non-HDCD DVD player? Is Sony DVD a good cd transport? Thanks
HDCD decoding is done by the dac /or dac section of an all in one player.While there are many good dvd players that play cds well, very few do cds as well as a great CD player.I have a Theta Gen 5a dac that does HDCD. I have lots of hdcds.When I sent the player in for a 24/96 upgrade the improvement in ALL cds was much greater than the improvement that I had playing hdcds.
Sorry, for the two part ans. The Sony 7000/7700 are great dvd players.For cds?---Compared to what??---There are many cd only players that play cds better;just not cheap ones.
The Sony DVP-S7700 is an excellent CD transport, both in my experience and as reported in several reviews. As a CD player, you can do much better.
I am using the Sony DVP-S7700 as a CD transport with a Forsell D/A. The Sony does an excellent job as a transport (and a really great DVD player too).
Any CD player/transport can output HDCD signal to an outboard DAC via the digital output.
It's a decent transport; but not the best. Your best bet is to get a dedicated CD transport on the preowned market. There are some good deals out there.