Is CJ's T Cap upgrade for the P11A worthwhile?

Love Jazz, female vocalists, classic rock, prefer live recordings, listen at moderate levels. CD: Sonic Frontiers SFT-1, D2D-1, Processor 3; Amplification: CJ Premier 16 ls2, Premier 11A; Speakers: Nautilus 805 w/ stands; Interconnects: Siltech SQ 220i Classic Anniversary; Speaker Cable: Siltech LS88 Classic MK2
You have a very nice system as is. I own and am familiar with both the 11A and the 16LS2 although the Premier 11A is now in storage as I'm using a Premier 140. I guess the question comes down to economics and how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with the 11A.

Do you know what the cost would be to have the cj Teflon caps put into the amp?
Hi Joe, the cost is approximately $1,400. I'm pleased with the system overall, but would like to continue improving it. I find the system in this configuration To be quite musical and non-tiring. I'm not interested in making major changes, so the upgrade path seems logical. However, I have not communicated with anyone having experience with a similar upgrade in their system. I have spoken with Ed at CJ Service and he says the improvement in microdynamics improves the soundstage and musical detail - all good. I'm inclined to pursue the upgrade, trusting in the integrity and music-making acumen of CJ. I appreciate your thoughts.
The upgrade moves the Premier 11 close to the performance of the LP 70. The amp becomes more neutral, alive and, as Ed said, better microdynamic, detail and soundstage. The LP 70 maybe CJs most neutral and musical amp. And, when you get the amp back, it is basically new. So, sonically and physically it make sense. From an economic perspective: a used Premier 11 will sell for $1800. Add $1400 for the upgrade = $3200. A new LP 70 was $7500 and you can get one from Spearit for $4800. I have not seen any used ones for some time. So, interms of dollars and sense you are ahead of the game. But then again, the Premier 11 is nice as it is. If you want to get more from what you like, then this is one option. Upgrading your preamp will cost a lot more.
Thanks for your thoughtful response. I'm generally pleased with the system, but am looking for a sure and cost-effective improvement path. I may look to upgrade the speakers next summer and will look for something that will be happy being fed by a tubed amplifier. My guess is that I will derive more value from the incremental $1600 required to move from an upgraded P11 to the LP70S by applying it to a future upgrade of the 805s. Any thoughts in that regard? Thanks again.