Is CJ DV-2b one of the best cd player?

i am curantly using a denon dcd 3520 upgraded with a bmi
whale elite mk2 power cord and my dealer told me that i should try a cj-dv-2b cd player.he said that my dcd 3520 was outdated and that it was my weakest link? is he right?
i would like to have some of your opinion.
i am using:dcd 3520(bmi whale mk2 power cord)
cj pv-11(syng.master power cord)
bryston4b(syng.master power cord)
nbs mine-serpent11 interconnect
xlo type 5a ref speaker cables
totem tabu speakers
tank you for your inputs
I have owned CJ amps and preamps for years and been very happy with them. The digital products are another story. I had the transport and tubed DAC for 3 years and found them, despite their high price (approx. $3600) laid back, uninvolving, not very reliable, and all in all, not very satisfactory. They wouldn't play CDRs and approx. 5% of my other CDs which played perfectly in other units. Bottom line: you can do better, IMO. Good luck,
The DV-2b has a lovely, natural sound like other CJ gear. It is not up to date in terms of chip design and level of detail in the sound. I owned one for quite a while and loved it, and found it reliable. You can probably do better for the money, strictly speaking, but this is a matter of taste.