Is Audible Illusions building preamps now?

I own a very old (1988+/-) Modulus. Does not have the separate power-supply. I have been extremely pleased with it. Only difficulty - locating replacement tubes. They are not particularly esoteric, but for some reason, I have not found tubes that I enjoyed using. Have gone back to the original, old tubes - new in 1988!
I am considering replacing the Modulus, and have looked seriously at Pass Labs. But would prefer to find a new Modulus. Have looked at the ones here, and wondered if they are actually new (2011) product, with current product support available through AI. Any info would be appreciated. Harold L.
Yes, very good ones at an excellent price. If you buy used, replace the electrolytic caps; they aren't expensive and will make the unit good as new.

Audible is back in business with updated versions of their original designs.
They may be back to building them, but will they ever get to maintaining them. Their reputation for customer service is wanting.