Is anyone using FuzzMeasure?

This looks like a terrific piece of software for us Mac users. I'm interested in finding out what hardware people are using with it.
Wow - as a Mac user I have been looking for something like this - thanks.

I am curious if using a mic like the Behringer test mic can be calibrated for accurate bass measurement.

I just got Adjust plus measuerment software for cartridge playback, and I have to run it under Parallels.

Thanks - it does not mention if it controls any MIDI devices. The advantage of Room EQ wizard is that it is adatped to work the the FBQ2496...

Anyone here tried Room Eq wizard on a Mac? I have all the gear just have not found time to play with it - prefer to practice drums than fiddle with my room modes (last time I played around with room modes I spent weeks trying different things as it was all manual with graph paper).