IRD monoblocks or Acoustic Reality?

I only need 100w at 8ohm and want to try the class d amplification. Which is the better pick, the IRD monoblocks or the Acoustic Reality? Both are bought over the net. Both have good reviews. Both are inexpensive. Comments please.
You may want to ask this question over on Audiocircle.Great bunch of folks over there..they are more into off the beaten path products and DIY as a whole than Agons forums. Lot of hidden goodies in those forums without the big name hype.

Have fun!
I agree with Gmood1. The folks on the forums at AudioCircle have a lot of practical experience with the amps you mentioned. Also, they will have knowledge of the Channel Island D-100 amp that is considered to be a true high-end value in amplification.


Too bad your not closer Reubent I would love to hear those monoblocks on my FTA-2000s!
Our taste can't be too far off. I liked my former Quad 99 CDP alot!
Sometimes I wish I still owned it! :-)

Take care
Yep, those guy were into the Acoustic Reality amps over there. Not so much now. Main complaint that I heard was it is hard to get big fat speakers cables up inside that odd triangular shape that the designer opted for.
Get a pair of the IRD's. They sound great and have stateside customer service and a proven track record.