Introduction and classic equipment

Hi, my name is Tom :) I used to be into high end (at least what I could afford) in the 70s and early 80s. Made most of my purchases based on reviews in the Absolute Sound, back then they did not accept advertising so told it like they saw it :) Here is some of what I have owned over time

First stereo
Marantz 2270
AR 3a speakers
Other various AR speaks, smaller ones
AR manual turntable with Stanton cart

Next stereo
Dynaco 400 power amp
Dynaco PAS3 tube preamp (was compared favorably to the Audio Research models in the "Absolute Sound" Might have been PAS3x)
I think an Onkyo 4055 tuner (not sure about model number)
Kenwood KD-500 with Grace 707 and Shure V15 type III, at one time had a Sonus Blue in it.
ESS AMT3 speaks, "rock monitors", with the Heil driver

Various tape decks, had a Pioneer cassette that retailed for about $500 and an Akai reel to reel with Dolby, that was a nice machine. BSR 810 changer and a Connoisseur Belt drive table.


MCS 6502 belt drive turntable

LXI receiver model 564.92591050, made for Sears. This works ok but there is noise when turning the volume and balance controls, any suggestions on how to fix this? Used to be a spray or something?

Thanks it for now, thanks!!
Welcome back. Lots of us phoenixes abound.... Contact cleaner sprays work well, btw.
Hi Tom,

There is a spray contact cleaner named DeOxit, which works amazingly well for what you're talking about. You spray it on the pot dials, turn them back and forth a few times, that's it. I've always taken the unit's cover off, but if it's a hassle you might be able to just take off the knob of the dial.