Introducing Edwards Audio Turntables

I am pleased to announce that Audio Distinction is the exclusive U.S. dealer for Edwards Audio products, including turntables, phono preamps, integrated amplifiers, speakers and accessories for Edwards Audio and Rega turntables.

Edwards Audio turntables are designed to provide the best price/performance in each model's class.  The entry product, the Apprentice Lite, is essentially an OEM Rega RP1 but at a better price point.  The next model, the Apprentice (no Trump here) ups the performance ante with a tonearm upgrade and excellent sounding acrylic platter.  Each subsequent model offers improvements and performance upgrades that up the sonic performance but without breaking the bank.

Starting at The TT1 SE model, Edwards Audio uses MDF plinths of their own design and offering clearly superior performance.  The TT2 SE and TT3 SE use all Edwards Audio parts except for the Rega-sourced tonearm.  Starting with the TT2 SE the tonearm is connected to RCA jacks and a grounding lug on the rear deck, allowing you to use the tonearm cable of your choice.

These are solid, well-made, beautiful turntables.  Like all Edwards Audio products these turntables are 100% made in the UK.

I have listed a couple of models up for sale here on AudiogoN.  Please take a look, or please go to our website for more information.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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Reading some of the UK reviews of Edwards products I could not understanding what advantage their products have against some products available and  actually made in the US, especially their TT's.  U Turn Audio in the US offers a better value and its an online only distribution with a great return policy provides little risk of buying. Buy USA.
coolhunter, I appreciate your point of view.  I actually own a u-turn and I agree, it's a turntable.  The u-turn is a great product, albeit very basic and entry level.  If that meets your needs, great,  Most of my customers are looking for a bit (or a lot) more than what the u-turn models offer in terms of features and performance.  Edwards Audio turntables do so in a unique way and each model is a price/performance leader in its own class.

The only Edwards Audio product that really compares with the u-turn product is the Apprentice Lite, which is (admittedly) an OEM'd Rega RP1 but at a lower price point.  As you move up the Edwards Audio line there are substantial improvements, especially regarding the custom plinths starting with the TT1 Mk2 and continuing into the SE models.

There are a lot of great, unique audio products on the market and each buyer needs to decide what they are looking for in sound quality, features and aesthetics.  Wouldn't you agree?
Audiogon should have a separate forum for self-promotion.  All the manufacturers and dealers can spread their fertilizer as thick as they want and not annoy the rest of us.
So why not just propose banning posts from dealers altogether?

I understand that you might find my post self-aggrandizement.  I only made mention in order to introduce a very popular line of UK-manufactured turntables to the U.S. market.  Aren't more good turntable choices a good thing for audio buyers?

I apologize if I somehow ruined your day.
If a vote is being taken, I vote in favor of learning about new products that have recently come to market. In that sense, I disagree with Bpoletti that this thread is unwarranted, even though my taste in turntables runs far afield of MDF plinths and belt-drive mechanisms. However, I would not want to see these fora (forums) turned into a wide open bazaar where every thread is flogging some piece of gear. Over on the Cable Forum, it does seem that way at times, but usually not here on Analog.
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