Intermitent audio cutouts??

My brother is having intermitent audio cutouts in his system while watching programs on his t.v.

My guess is that his peachtree nova pre is not working properly and is dropping the signal and then picking it back up.

Any ideas on what is going on here?
To add a bit to this question, the audio is only cutting out for a short period of time (maybe .5 - 1 second) at a time, and only while watching tv using the comcast x1 cable box. I'm wondering if this is due to high amounts of jitter or is it a bit stream signal and the peachtree nova prefers pcm?
He might try changing the audio output in the service menu of the ComCast box.
Thx Mofi! I'll try that. Based on what I just read on the internet, the only change you can make to the audio is 2 channel or surround. None the less, I will start there.

Next option is to switch out the nova pre with my z dac and lightspeed pre and see if the signal is still dropping out...
Sounds like you are getting a weak signal on the box, or maybe the box i'ts faulty if the issue persists.
Does he have dimmer switch on operating any lights ,as this happened to me