Interconnects for Musical Fidelity A3.2 system

Hi - I have MF A3.2CR power amp, A3.2CR pre amp and A3.2 CD player arriving soon from Ebay. The speakers are KEF Q75 so based on the quality of this system how much should I spend on interconnects and should the preamp/CD cables be same as preamp/amp cables. Experience of cables that worked well with MF A3.2's would be appreciated. Taste in music is laid back jazz/blues, house and rock.
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I have and MF Nuvista M3 and I'm using Nordost Blue Heavens. Very nice sounding. Transparent, tight bass. Good value used here on a-gon.
I would recommend you use the same IC all around if possible, and budget about as much as one of your components if possible. I had good results with Van Den Hul.
I use Audioquest's Diamondbacks for interconnects---Nothing exotic , but they have a warm crystal shear sound---I also have the A3.2 CD Player ---nice machine---It improves SIGNIFICANTLY in sound stage space and detail with the addition of the MF XDac V.3. The A3.2 is a very nice sounding player on it's own though---congratulations.
I use and like DNM Reson IC from pre-amp to MF A3CR amp. It delivers most of the good stuff in a very clean and controlled manner and helps smooth out any rough edges. Kind of like those "no nonsense" girdles they used to sell women way back when. Do they still sell those?