Interconnect Suggestion between Audio Valve Conductor preamp and Challenger 150 power amp

Hi all,

I recently bought a set of Audio Valve Conductor preamp and Challenger 150 power amp, and needs a pair of interconnect in between them. The dealer lends me a pair of Organic Reference. The following is the details of my system:

Music Server: Innuos Zenith MK3
Streamer: Auralic Aries G2
Dac: Auralic Vega G2
External Clock: Auralic Leo GX
Preamp: Audio Valve Conductor
Powamp: Audio Valve Challenger
Speaker: Artos Audio Sunrise

Interconnects: KS Elation (Dac->Pre); Organic Ref (Pre->Pow)
Speaker Cable: Organic Ref.
Power Cables: TCI (Music Server); Streamer (Argento Flow); Dac (Wilsons' Audio Lab); Clock (Acoustic Revive Triple); KS Realization (Pre); Organic Ref (Pow).

Interesting fact, interconnects work exactly the same regardless of which components they're connected to. Its not the components that matter. Its the listener.
@millercarbon I can't imagine you are trying to say all cables sound the same? Seems odd considering your love of various tweaks.
@cykeric How  do you like the Conductor. I presently have the Eklipse and want to upgrade to conductor. I am also interested in audio Valve Baldur 300 + mono block, not much review on them. I don't have the opportunity  to listen to one.