Integrating a multichannel and 2 channel preamp

I am happily using a Theta Six Shooter as a multi channel analog preamp with my Marantz ud9004 universal player and a PerfectWave DAC for two channel.

I am contemplating getting a better preamp for 2 channel, so I would need a good 2 channel pre with HT bypass (recommendations are welcome).

To get some more milage out of this potentially expensive new 2 channel preamp, I am thinking of using the 2 channel preamp in conjunction with my MCH preamp for MCH playback as well.

In this setup, I would run the LF/RF channels of my multi channel sources through the 2-channel pre, and the other four through the MCH pre.

The only thing needed to make this work is keeping the volume control between the two preamps in synch after initial calibration. I am thinking this should be doable if both preamps have 1db volume increments (as most do), and you can somehow program a remote control to change volume on both preamps simulaneously. Few questions:

Would this work? Has anyone ever done this himself or is aware of someone else doing it?

If it could be made to work, what kind of programmable remote control do I need to acquire that allows me to control two preamps at the same time?