Integrated to drive PSB Imagine T's in large room

Trying to make the jump from Denon gear to HiFi. I'll be adding a REL sub soon to the Imagine Towers (4ohm) for a 2.1 setup. Budget is around $1K (or slighly over) used and I'm not sure how to wade through all the options with good reviews, including:

- Bel Canto s300
- Naim 5i
- Sim Audio i5
- Creek Destiny
- Plinius 8100
- others?

I've read many posts that PSB need lots of power to "open up", which makes me wonder if the Naim at 50w (into 8ohms) is enough power?

My living room is 16.5' x 16.5' with 12 ft ceilings and opens via a large archway to the dining room of the same dimensions for a total of 6,500 ft cu. Will be 60% music / 40% HT, and I listen to equal parts classical, jazz, rock.

Not sure about preference for neutral vs. warm, but the Denon receiver driving the Imagines sounded too bright in my room. Large 3D soundstage is high priority.

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I have a Naim 140 amp and it works well with my psb gold stratus is. Naim is conservatively rated. Also have heard Sim Audio and also excellent. PSB are fairly sensitive.
what denon gear? it maybe good stuff.
@Jaybo - Denon DRA 635R, which is now powering my kitchen/porch speakers.
You clearly seem to have a preference for a warmer amp. I would think you might want to stick with the English sound. Thus the Creek and the Naim although the Plinius sounded awfully good to my ears as well. I agree that Naim tends to under rate their power. Remember it is peak music power before the onset of clipping that you need. Several higher end companies tend to underate power for reasons that elude me. For instance I own a Jadis Da 60 with 8 KT 88 power tubes and it sure doesn't sound like a mere 60 watt amp. Most amps with that many output tubes especially the KT 88 will rate their amps at 80 to 100 watts. In addition the power and output trannies are massive and this 60 watt amp weighs about 80lbs.
In your case I would think the Bel Canto while garnering superb reviews has a house sound that is quite crystaline and may not be your cup of tea.
I have a SimAudio i-1 (50wpc) integrated and it's plenty loud in my room (24 x 13 x 8). Keep in mind, the Imagines are 4 ohms, so essentially you're amp will be putting out 100w. Just make sure the Naim can handle a 4 ohm load. My Sim and the PSB's sing!