Integrated amp for Avalon Indra

I have Avalon Indra and I wonder which integrated amp would be the best match. Given that I don't listen to music very loud, would Pass INT-30A do a good job? I like Pass' transparency, but in case Pass INT-30A won't do, what other integrated amp will do? What about Coda CSIB or Jeff Rowland Continuum s2? Finally, as source I have Cary 306 SACD prof.
cheers and thank you for any good advice
Owned multiple Avalon speakers. Tried many amps. Boulder 1060 had good bass and macro-dynamics but lack micro dynamics and detail. Ayre MXR was pretty good depending on your taste. I find ayre mostly satisfying but transient attack was slightly hyped with forceful high frequencies. Pass XA60.5 good tonal match but not enough power. X350.5 was pretty good. Rowland 312 was awful, dry and limited tonal palette. MBL, Bryston, Classe (CT600) were not good tonal match.

You are better off with warmer sounding SS amp like luxman. Have not tried the Dartzeel with Avalon but I suspect it would work. Maybe modwright as well.

Had a BAT 51se. I would not say this is a rich sounding preamp except too fat in bass. BAT tube amp is good match.

Ultimately I prefer Avalons with tube amps.
Glai, I used to own a Boulder 1060 paired with Marten Coltrane speakers which also use Accuton drivers. I didn't find the Boulder lacking in micro dynamics or detail. I'd characterize the Boulder as a fast, powerful, resolving, neutral and natural sounding amp. Paired with my Coltranes, there was plenty of electrostatic-like speed and control. Paired with my modded Ayon CD-5s as linestage, I was really happy with that combo, and the Indras houldn't be much different.

I would pick Aesthetix over Luxman, but agree with the tick for Modwright. The KWA-150SE is a peach.
Melbguy, I am glad your experience is different. I was later disappointed again by their 1008 phono.
@Glai, we all have different ears and preferences. These days I prefer the sound of Vitus Signature Series over Boulder, but I enjoyed my time with the 1060.
How would you compare the sound of the Vitus amps to the Boulder 1060s?