Wilson Audio Sasha 2 & Avalon Indra

Do you think Wilson Audio Sasha 2 & Avalon Indra is the same level’s speaker?

And Wilson Audio Alexia is same level with Avalon Eidolons Diamond?
If these speakers are for you, the only answer that matters is yours.
I am curious of the difference between the Sasha 1 and Sasha 2.
In my opinion they are very comparable loudspeakers in price only. From there, many differences emerge. Wilsons and Avalons sound quite different in my opinion. Wilsons have more robust bass and dynamics while Avalons throw a more realistic soundstage and are more musical to my ears.

But this is just my opinion, yours and others mileage may vary.
To different speakers Avalons are more musical Wilson more dynamic!
First of all the way how they build a stage is very different. The Avalon's stage is wider and deeper. Within the stage you do a less intimate individual focus of instruments and voices.

The Wilson give a less wide and deep stage ( even with the same cables and electronis. Within the stage the individual focus is more intimate. There are still other brands who can give a much more palpable stage compared to the Wilsons.

The most crazy thing is the difference in the overwhole sound. The Wilson have more power in the low freq. Also classical music sounds a lot different played on the Wilson compared to the Avalon.

They are both not easy to drive. The also created both acoustic limitations. The Wilson even more cause of the bigger dynamics.

Speakers are Always a personal taste, so you are the only one who can make a decision about which speaker you prefer.
I know this question may not have an answer because each person’s choice of sound are difference, but I just want to get some reference, my question is:

Which speaker sounds better for Jazz music in your opinion?
Avalon or WA?
They are both not my first choice. This has to do with the caracters of the two.

I think for jazz I would prefer the Wilson. But again it is still a personal matter.

WA uses big bass reflex ports, you Always hear it back in every room. You need to adapt the room to get it right.

Other speakers can be easier in set up.

I cannot listen to classical music on WA and also not on Avalon speakers. Because in my personal opinion the sound in real is a lot different. Even tubes used I still don't like the sound of them either.

Thiel& partner units have what I call a mjehhh in the mid freq. I call it colouration. When you hear a double bass it is more pronounced in the mid freq. than it is in real.

I delivered a set of speakers this weekend to a person who owns and plays a double bass.

I had the same feeling again when I heard him play.

The WA gives a lot of low freq in your room. With a double bass you hear and feel the energy. It can be a little too much.

* if I were you I would take a lot of time listening to more different loudspeakers. At the end you will find the one you prefer most.

Bo, what speaker would you recommend for Jazz? You mention Thiel. For most types of music, I don't like Thiel. For Jazz, however, I think they're pretty good.
Thiel&partner has nothing to do with Thiel loudspeakers.
Take a look on the internet.

In the US you have a lot of options. I would take a listen to a lot when I would spend that kind of serious money on a speaker.

I Always love the time to compare loudspeakers. It is so much fun. Some say; it is for fun than owning them!!
Bo is correct - definitely try your best to listen to both Avalon and Wilson. Unfortunately you will probably not get to listen to both in your own room or even with the same electronics or front end in various audio salons.

Just to emphasize listening for yourself, I would differ from Bo that I would prefer Avalons for jazz over Wilsons, especailly small-combo jazz. The Avalons just throw a more believeable soundstage and image decay compared to the Wilsons. But again, we all hear a bit differently and only you will know what your ears tell you.
The biggest limitation of Avalon ( sold it for over 6 years of time) is the individual focus of instruments and voices within the wide and deep stage. In real instruments and voices are a lot more physical apparent. No matter what kind of cable you use, amps, conditioners, sources it does not come close to the real thing.

You need a lot more than a wide and deep stage. When you know properties of speakers you also know the limitations. Some limitations you can solve, others you can't.

In the US you have so much to choose. Use these possibilities. And when you find one you like try it at home.

Enjoy the search for your speaker. Because you are the only one who can make the choice, no other person can do it. It is that simple!
"The biggest limitation of Avalon ( sold it for over 6 years of time) is the individual focus of instruments and voices within the wide and deep stage. In real instruments and voices are a lot more physical apparent. No matter what kind of cable you use, amps, conditioners, sources it does not come close to the real thing."

That is hilarious. Avalons are known as imaging champs and creating a superb, life-like soundstage.
The Avalons are lower distortion.

The Wilsons are less refined, higher distortion, but have more body and dynamics.

Both have weaknesses. But the Avalon is more pure.
"That is hilarious. Avalons are known as imaging champs and creating a superb, life-like soundstage. "

The soundstage of Avalon is huge, wide and deep. This is a fact. But listening individual to all the single parts of the recording you miss the sharpness and full round physical image. Instruments and voices are extreme small in real. But they are also more what I call round. There is full air around them.

Ribbon tweeters can make the stage in front of a speaker wider but also physical more apparent. Going back to the Avalon you hear a huge difference in how sharp the image is focussed. It is less physcial.

Since today I play with 2 Audioquest Wel Signature xlr cables. I will write a review in a few weeks.

This cable is able to give you the round apperance and extreme small intimate image as it is in real.
Hmmm.....I have owned both the Wilson Audio W8's and now have the Avalon Indra's. I had both sets here before making a final decision on what would stay. By the way, also had the Vienna Acoustic Music on audition at the same time. The thing is, it really matters not what I kept, (Avalons) because if we have learned anything, it is that each of us interprets what we hear differently as well as confounding the experience listening to speakers in different upstream systems. That said, my experience is similar to those mentioned earlier in this post. The Wilson's were preferred when I listen to Rock/Hard Rock - superior detail retrieval, deep focused bass response..just kicked ASS! The Avalon Indra's ability to throw a wonderful sound stage, separation, micro/macro dynamics excelled when listening to Jazz, Classical, Reggae and R/B. With the Rowland gear I have the Avalons were my clear choice, as my music preference is the latter vs former.

Hello. I had Sasha 1. It sounded dynamic, a bit bright in treble, but not too bad. Only on certain recordings. Good definition. Sasha 2 more definition, significant. Less bright treble. Integrated sound. I like the Sasha 2, but everyone is different. Thanks, Bill
It is a nice thing that we can choose from so many different flavors. At the end it Always will be a personal matter. You are the only one who can make the best choice for yourself. It is that simple!
I just purchased the Wilson Alexia. My past speakers were b&W Nautilus 802 and Verity Parsifal Ovations. The Alexia’s are vastly superior to the later two speakers as they should be given the price difference. I listen to a lot of Jazz and this genre sounds fabulous on the Alexia especially at low level listening. Very musical! As many have said it is a matter of personal choice. I can appreciate a wide range of speakers and am not locked into any one “sound”. Half the fun of this hobby is trying and owning different products. Don’t think you can go wrong with either brand.
Well to my opinion the Avalon Indra should be compared to the Wilson Sophia 3 and in that case I still prefer the Sophia 3 for attack, speed and bass. I had both in my house and now play with the Sasha 1.

The Avalon is completely overpriced (at least in Europe) and to my opinion is worth maximum half of the list price. But I guess it all comes down to taste.
Avalon more musical much better get them ASAP!!!!