At heart, I'm a 2-channel music guy.

However, I am setting up my first surround rig and am looking for some advice.

The local dealer is recommending Integra's DBS-30.2 Blu-Ray player, as a high performer and good value, in the $500 or less category.

I am not super familiar with the video side of things, or this brand in particular, other than seeing it advertised.

While I'd like to support the local guy, before pulling the trigger, I want to make sure I am making the right decision.

I'm looking for comments on the following:

1) Owners of this unit (or previous versions) are you happy with it? ...Any reliability issues? ...overall performance? ...thoughts on its build quality?

2) To those who have previously owned it and moved on, why? Did you have problems or find a product that you liked better? Please share your experience.

3) To those who considered/auditioned this unit but bought something else, why??? ...and what did you buy?

Keeping the budget within $500.00, is this a good value and performer, or is there something else out there that offers a ***significantly*** bigger bang for the buck?

I hear a lot about Oppo. Would their BDP-93: Universal, Blu-Ray, 3D Network player be a better performer/choice? ...I realize that it is a bigger bang, in that it plays more formats. However, in just comparing audio/video with DVD or Blu-Ray for movies/concerts, etc., how would this compare to the Integra?

I realize that a lot of this comes down to taste. ...just looking for opinions of if the Integra player is a good investment.

I suspect that having matching brand components would be a solid choice if you don't care about the extra features of the Oppo.
I fail to see what advantage, other than cosmetics, accrue from matching brands of player and prepro.