Int tube amp + XLR inputs.

What integrated tube amps are available with balanced/XLR inputs ?

Thanks for your input.

McIntosh MA2275
BAT VK-300x
VAC Phi Beta integrated
Krell KAV series.
'Audio Aero' Trans Trac , 40 wpc , has balls like 100 wpc.
Also comes as amp only.
ARC VT100 and up.
Peterd, what is the "balls" constant that is used for the mathematical power conversion of amps :-)
A lot of equipment seems to be measured with a lot of fluff in the numbers.
My old Sim W-5 was rated at 190 watts.
The Audio Aero has the same grunt and power and is rated at 40 watts.
Muscle, power,guts.
I am no engineer but if I get the same amplitude out of the speakers without changing the volumn then I'd say it seems
(appears) to have more power than the spec's tell me.