Int. Amp. Musical Fid. A2 vs Anthem int2

I am looking for an integrated amp. My short list includes Musical fidelity A3, Anthem Int2 and NAD S300. I will be using it with Pioneer Elite PD65, Kimber 8TC biwire and B&W CDM1 SE. Please give me your opinion if you have experiences. Thanks.
Go with MF A3 if you plan on getting better system in the future. I own several MF amps, including A3, Sam Tellig of Stereophile liked A300 so much he bought review sample! You get beautiful sound with stock unit, but it gets much better with aftermarket power cord and using pre-amp out RCAs to bi-amp with another MF amp.....very flexible and Audio Advisor the US distributor is first class, with 30 day return policy, demos sometimes offered at $850....regards Sam
I have the A3 ,had the PD 65 (now have the Denon 1650) and Alon II speakers.Buy the A3,keep the PD 65 (best sounding unit under $1500) and sell the B&W's-buy the Alon II.(My Pioneer quit,and I replaced it with the Denon,) Tracer