Innuous Zenith Mk III Arrives Tomorrow

I've been streaming my digital library and Tidal/Roon through my Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 for the past couple of months via my NAS drive and I like the sound, but I've been dissatisfied with having to use my computer to control the server.  I decided to order a Zenith III because I want to install my Roon core on this unit and have a self contained music server.  I've heard so many great things from you folks on this board about the Innuous servers I decided to go for it.  

For those of you who already own one, let me know if you have any advice for initial set up and best practices to achieve best results.  I'm pretty excited to get it up and running.  
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 I had a similar experience while using the EQ within Roon's DSP.  I would set or adjust a EQ filter WHILE listening to music and go back and forth to judge if I had used enough attenuation.  While going back and forth I would get a pop and then nothing ....(dropout).  I contacted the distributor who had heard of this happening before.  He said if it happens again to unplug the USB cable then plug it back in to reset the connection.... Also to prevent it form happening again PAUSE your music before going into the DSP engine to do adjustments.  After adjustments are made disengage pause...... Since I started doing it this way I've never had a dropout.

Hope this helps.
@snackeyp I just went through this thread and was curious about your impressions of the sound quality differences between the computer your were using and the  Innuous Zenith Mk III? 
I have had my Innuos Zen Mk III on order for a couple of months now. Due to arrive in the beginning of June. Looking forward to receiving it.
Just received my Zenith MKIII after 7-8 weeks.  Before that I owned the Zenith MKII.  It took the MKII about 100-150 hours to really jell but when it did it was magic.  I only have about 4 hours on the MKIII but I can tell it is going to b e phenomenal.