Innuous Zenith Mk III Arrives Tomorrow

I've been streaming my digital library and Tidal/Roon through my Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 for the past couple of months via my NAS drive and I like the sound, but I've been dissatisfied with having to use my computer to control the server.  I decided to order a Zenith III because I want to install my Roon core on this unit and have a self contained music server.  I've heard so many great things from you folks on this board about the Innuous servers I decided to go for it.  

For those of you who already own one, let me know if you have any advice for initial set up and best practices to achieve best results.  I'm pretty excited to get it up and running.  
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Congratulations! I'm fairly sure you are going to be really impressed. 
Snackeyp, congrats we were one of the first dealers with a unit in the country so you must have gotten yours right after. There are a lot of people waiting for theirs. 

There are a couple of tricks first use a good ethernet cable the Wireworld Starlight is reasonably priced and sounds way better than a stock ethernet cable. 

Isoacoustics footers help a bit and are also inexpensive.

Of course a high quality USB cable again Wireworld Platinum is our cable of choice for the money. 

Last good power cords can take the unit up a notch. 

The new MK III is the best sounding server to hit the market for anywhere near its price, you have to spend stupid money to outperform the new MK III.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor Innuous dealers
I bought the MK III from the Audio Doctor to replace a Naim Unitiserve. Really liked the Naim but I love the MK III. I’ll let Dave deal with setup tweaks .  It’s very easy to setup.  The sound quality and Roon/Tidal functionality are great. You should be very happy with it. 
@audiotroy Thanks for the tips.  I have a good USB cable but hadn't considered needing a high end ethernet cable.  I just bought something from Best Buy.  I will look into the Wireworld one you mentioned.  

The unit was delayed one day in shipping so actually is arriving tomorrow.  I will report back as I learn more.  Thanks all.


@snackeyp  Congrats on your purchase!  I have the Zenith mk2 SE and use Roon with it.  It's so easy to set-up.  I will say that mine took a few steps up in SQ by using an aftermarket powercord, quality digital cables and isolation.  I use Nordost ethernet and USB cables and Stillpoints isolation....Keep us posted.
Gee Ron 17 great minds think alike!

We were suggesting the same thing. The Isoacoustic sound nearly as good as the Stillpoints for way less money, the new Critical Mass Sound Stage footers are in a different league.  Ron if you want to make a profound change in the sound of your system the Critcal Mass footers are more akin to a major component upgrade then any footer we have ever used 

We like the Wirworld Platinum ethernet cable as the best affordable  ethernet we have used. Our reference class ethernet the LH Labs $2k  cable which has a powered Femto clock in the cable is the best we have tested.

The new Audioquest power cords are really good not flexible, but great sound for the price.

Tweek away you are going to be in for a sweet ride.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Does the zenith mini mk3 have an internal dac or does it need an external dac to run?
I just unboxed the unit last night and all I can say so far is this thing is the easiest component of it's kind to set up that I have ever experienced.  Literally plug it in, connect to the network and DAC, power up and transfer music files.  I set mine up with the Roon core on the unit itself.  That part was so simple and painless.  Transferring music from my NAS to the unit took about two hours but was really easy.  

I only spent about an hour listening to music on it so far.  I can say that it sounds great but I need more time to evaluate.  I think it needs some break in time as well.  I'll be listening all weekend.  

Really excited for you!  I would connect the Zenith to your DAC and just let it run for days....After a week of playing it will sound better.


Thanks for the suggestions but I use Stillpoints Ultra 6's under my Zenith and a Nordost Heimdall 2 ethernet cable along with a Valhalla 2 USB cable....very happy with the sound I'm getting and don't think your products would be an upgrade.
I tried the CD Ripper last night and it crashed the system twice on the first CD I tried.  I was streaming music at the time, which shouldn't matter, right?  Not sure what's up with that.  Anyone else have this problem?


That's weird!  I've ripped CD's while listening to my stored library (not streaming Tidal) and never had the system crash.  Did you shut everything down, reboot and try again without streaming?  I would contact the retailer you bought the Zenith from and run it buy them.  Keep us posted.

Just remembered something my retailer told me. I use Roon and he said when I’m ripping or moving something from the quarantine area (such as duplicates) to disable Roon first, make the changes then enable Roon. If you were using Roon at the time (while streaming and ripping) that might be the reason your system crashed.
Ron our suggestions were for the Op

I do think the Critical Mass Center Stage footers are even better then the Stillpoints. 
We used to sell StilpoInts and loved em the Critical Mass footers sound amazing and are doing things the Stillpoints dont do. 

You get a 3d effect with lower noise with the Critical mass. Both improved image float and dynamics.

In 30 years in audio never heard as dramatic a difference in a systems performance

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Sorry I guess I misunderstood you when you stated

"Ron if you want to make a profound change in the sound of your system the Critcal Mass footers are more akin to a major component upgrade then any footer we have ever used"

It sure sounded like your suggestions were meant for me.  I think I'll stick to the Stillpoints and highly recommend the complete 'Ultra' line of isolation products to anyone looking to improve their already good sounding gear.  I'm not a retailer promoting my products on a public forum....just a satisfied consumer trying to relate my experiences. 
Ron you missed the point.

We are all on a journey with perfecting our systems and as we stated we were Stillpoints dealers.

Your decision to recommend and use Stillpoints is up to you.

If we recommend that a person should check out these new footers is because in our opinion they are radically better then all other products that we have tested which include Hrs, Symposisum, Acoustic
Systems, Black Diamond, isoacoustics and Stillpoints.

Most dealers dont constantly test these kinds of products which is something we normally do.

We really like Stillpoints as well.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

To be fair I have read some very good suggestions you’ve made to fellow audiophiles on this forum...... however, the fact that you are a paying, advertising retailer on Audiogon that uses this platform to offer advice AND promote your business and the products you sell should be greatly considered by anyone that participates here.
Ron it is not that we don't agree with your points but here is one of ours

Do you sell a  product, because you endorse it,  

or do you endorse a product because you sell it?

Ron the point that we keep on trying to hammer home is most dealers don't buy and try the level of different tweeks that we do, we do this because we have a $150k reference system that we are trying to make the best most realistic and magical experience possible hence we too are on a  continuos journey to improve this setup.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ


I apologize for getting into a back and forth with Dave on your thread...I should have known better and won't continue.

Are you still having crashing problems?  
Under no circumstance should the zenith crash. Contact your dealer.

Innuous has excellent remote service go to innous website and make a ticket.
Thanks Guys.

I was running Roon at the time.  I will test it again without streaming and see what happens.  I have not had time to do much with it for the past couple of days.  I will let you know.  Thanks
Thanks Guys.

I was running Roon at the time.  I will test it again without streaming and see what happens.  I have not had time to do much with it for the past couple of days.  I will let you know.  Thanks
After turning off Roon the CD Ripper works fine.  Thanks again for the help.
Great news!  glad my suggestion worked for you.  Now to get on with some serious listening.  Let us know how it is sounding.  Also if/when you want to take the Zenith to the next level, look to the used market for power cords and isolation.  I would be happy to tell you all of the different products I've auditioned and owned for my Zenith...Congratulations again. 
I also have an Innuous Zenith 3.  Would greatly appreciate information about the products you’ve auditioned and what you recommend.  

I'd be happy to share my thoughts on what I have tried and liked as far as isolation and aftermarket power cords for my Innuos Zenith mk2 se.

I will send you a PM to avoid any further conflict with the retailer on this thread.