Information on GARRARD 301 turntable

Will someone please clarify for me: Concerning the Garrrard 301 Turntable mention is made of it being a grease bearing system. Occaisionally a mention is made of an oil bearing system. Does anyone know if the bearing system was indeed offered as both grease base and/or oil base? Can you ttell by looking at it? I'm considering this table for a custom installation. I have contacted the new Garrard company through their website but I haven't received any response. Any information form Audiogon members would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the earlier 301's were fitted with the grease bearing. Later models and the 401 utilized the oil bearing. The bearing housing for both types looks very similar, the bearing casting has a grease-nipple tapped into the housing about mid-way along. So it is quite easy to tell the difference. The oil bearing housings will have a round, flat and unused projection in the casting that is not drilled or tapped as in the the earlier grease-nipple models.

Regards, Richard.

Depends on when the table was made.I have seen on E-BAY both the grease and oil bearing.You are making a excellent choice for a TT.I know a audiofile in N.J. who has 3 of them and makes custom bases for them.I'll see if my buddy Sandy will provide me with his telephone # and will e-mail you with the info.The guy lives in N.J.Fort Lee.
Vayateve;I would appreciate the referral.