Maggie MG12QR's what information can you share?

I'm looking for input on what amplifiers you use with your Magnepan MG12QR's. Any experiences with tube amps vs solid state, etc. will be helpful. Listening biases vs MG 1.6's or MMG's welcome too.
Thanks in advance.
Great sound, very narrow "sweet spot", extremely power hungry, really like some space around them to sound best, extremely detailed highs that won't hide or smooth over bad sound.
Ponnie - I've owned MG12s and 1.6s.
Both need a little room to breathe. I always had mine in a dedicated room, and don't think I'd like putting them in a living room although many people do.
They need to be turned up a little to sound 'full' to me.
I drove mine with an 80wpc NAD amp, a 50wpc Jolida integrated tube amp, a 350wpc Sunfire amp, and a 200wpc Krell integrated (at different times, of course). All sounded great although the Jolida's 50 watts weren't quite enough. The NAD couldn't get them to open up. 100 tube watts would be fine for most folks.
Both speakers give a huge soundstage, and they pretty much disappear.
I thought the 1.6s sounded a lot better than 12s. The thing that struck me first was that they sounded much more coherent from the bottom to the top of the frequency range. They also went lower in the bass. I found the bass to be just fine, although you'll read a lot about their lack of bass.
All in all, I think that if you've got the room, placement, and proper amplification, they cannot be beat for the price.
Thanks for your input. I will be using them in a 14x13 room with 14.5' ceiling. I have setup my speakers in the short end of the room. I tried them on the long wall and the sound was awful. I have a variety of amps to choose from. It will be very interesting to see how the MG12QR's sound in my room. I have had Living Voice Auditoriums, Alon I Mk II's( the best of all the listed speakers in my room), Vandersteen 2Ci's, Von Schweikert VR3's, Athena ASF 2's, and several other speakers. The lack of bass should not be a problem since I have a subwoofer. I was trying to get away from using it. Anyway, I will have them on the 3rd and I hope UPS didn't damage them.
Happy Listening
I am using the MG12's with a BelCanto EvO 2i Gen. II integrated. The sound is nicely spread out across the room. Individual instruments can easily be picked out and located in the soundstage. Good sence of depth also. Very detailed highs but to me they almost never sound harsh.
You may give up some of that kick and impact in the lower mids and upper bass that cone drivers have but the tradeoff is a pleasant one as you get so much more everywhere else.
I may be trading up to the QR 1.6's very soon.