Infinity IRS BETA Servo with Balanced Pre/Amps

I am trying to connect a pair of IRS Beta with 2 Classe Omega Stereo and ML 32 Pre on the Balanced circuit. The servo however, has only RCA connectors. The result, if I connect the panels in XLR and the Lows in RCA, is difference in dynamics, forcing me to raise the servo volume to higher than normal levels and the sound is not integrated. The RCA option is my last choice, as the system underperforms. All cables are the same and for RCA are Nordost SPM or Symphonic Line and NBS for XLR

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Even if you had balanced ability with the servo box the woofers will never quite integrate. This due to the servo cables and the lead time of the accelerometers reporting back to the servo box.

The level on the servo box is there to allow you to match level with the high side amp(s). It really shouldn't be a problem.

There was a guy in Indiana some years back that made a balanced tube xover/servo box for the Betas, but he is long gone.

I fought with woofer matching with Betas for a number of years, I finally sold 'em off and haven't looked back.

I wish I could be more help to you.


I spend a lot of time looking for good sounding RCA interconect cables.
Because of my love for thise speakers wonderful clean musical and warm low frequence sound plus
beutiful realistic musical mid and high range.

Posishening the wofersunits angle and distance from listening position and from the wall.

Just shop around until you find the cables and equipment you like.

I ended up with LegendAudio (von Gaylord new name)
Interconect cables.
After the improofment I bought more Legend products like , Speakercables ,Pre Amp , Lineconditioner and D/A.
All components are RCA (exept Transporter to D/A) only and sound great.
Transporter is a modified Phillips and I drive it with
4 Rowland 7 Mono units.
I owned these speakers some years back.I was FORCED to sell them because of a move to another state.PLEASE,PLEASE find a way to get these to perform for you.You will not be sorry.They were one of the finest speakers I've ever heard,when set up properly.Prior to them I had RS-1's.NO contest.The Betas were far superior to them.I miss them alot.By the way,I have a friend that had his RS-1 crossovers modified with great results,so good luck!!I,also,don't believe that the woofers cannot mate with the(fantastic)midbass panels.You need patience and determination.
Hi Sirspeedy! I tried e-mailing you but was unsuccessful.

I have RS-1B's and would love to contact your friend who did the modification to the crossover. Can you e-mail me this information?
RWD,I also owned and loved the RS_1's.The current market of speakers,even the high priced spread cannot compete with your speakers.My friend had his crossover done some years ago,and,the person no longer does this work.I would HIGHLY recommend calling Steve Huntly of Great Northern Sound(a mod specialist)and explain what you would like to do.He has done extensive mod work for me on my Audio Research SP15,to a shockingly good level of improvement.So good,in fact that my friend had the exact work done on his SP-15 with the same incredible results.I can tell you that my RS-1 friend is a retired music critic from T.A.S.and would not consider replacing them (the RS-1's) ,even though he's had them since they were new.He has GREAT ancillary well.As for your stuff,I've seen your equip.listing and pic.Your equip. looks fabulous.You seem to be very smart as to your component matching.Good Luck!
Thanks Sirspeed for you kind comments and complements. Yes, I agree with you also about the RS-1-B's. Every year when I come home from the NY Audio show hearing some of the best speakers around, the Infinity's compete quite nicely.

BTY... the retired music critic....could that be the "Great MRARKS"????
by Rwd
He'd kill me if I said so,but,"He really liked the Shaded Dog stuff".Also his set-up of RS-1b's are driven by really old Krell bass amps,with a C.J. Premier 8 on top.The pre is an ART with the C.J. phonostage,andVPI TNT with(the piece de resistence)AIR TANGENT arm and TITAN cart.Trust me on this HE KNOWS WHAT GREAT SOUND IS,and gets it IN SPADES.So should you from the direction you're heading.P.S.I have been to quite a few REALLY HIGH PRICED and MEGA-BUCK set ups in the NYC area with owners that were totally convinced that they were audio-gurus,non of them can TOUCH my friend's set-up in terms of real 'HARMONIC ACCURACY" and bloom.My friend could care less about the latest craze stuff,or pricy,shiney,schmaltzy eye candy that is so much "IN" today."think Jonathan Scull here" for his rediculous obsession with everything that GTT AUDIO seems to be Pushing at the moment.My friend's set up is an incredibly well thought out syst.that simply leaves me weak every time I hear it.I have learned(from him) that to get great sound you must be a "thinker" more-so than a spender.
Please excuse me.I meant jonathan valin.Scull really seemed like a genuine person,sadly missed by me at least!
Hey.....yes, I was right and so were you!!!! I heard the RS 1-B's you are talking about!!! I was at the great "Shady-Marks" house a few times. I agree with you 100% about his system and his listening ability.

P.S. Are you in the NYC area? I might know you also?
I moved to NJ some years ago.If you know Dave Nemzer or ED Maron,as well as the GREAT MARKS we may have met.Also,do you know REINA,as he has a bunch of pals,some of which I've met.
I know Dave as I am also a member on the NY Audiophile club (although don't attend many meetings). We probably have you know "the great Ross"??
Truthfully I'm happy being on the edge of the N.Y. inner circle.I like my privacy,and find too many EXPERTS that are always preaching to me,as to what to upgrade to or how loud to listen.I get a headache very easily from crappy sound at high volumes,which is what seems to be the latest norm.If you make an effort to hear some of the "IN" equip. I think you would be surprised as to how much of it really sounds like actual music.Not much!What I've been doing is to selectively go to a few guys for interesting listening sessions that are more music based,as I'm tired of the audio merry go round.
SirSpeedy...I agree with your comments. You and you friends are welcome to visit my listening room anytime you'd like!
Rwd,That is a really nice offer,and I'm sure it would be a great listening session.I get the impression you are a thoughtful, decent person.I may have to take you up on that offer after we get out of the deep freeze.Maybe I could get together with you,and some of the other guys(DAVE and SID included)at HE 2005.We usually all go out for dinner after the show.
That's a wonderful idea! I believe the dates for the NY show are April 28th to May 1st. I will be there. Please e-mail me when you and the "gang" are set to go.
Here is my e-mail:
I assume that you have given up. However, the solution is/was fairly simple IFF.. If your pre has both bal/XLR and RCA outputs and is designed to use both simultaneiouly, then...
--- Connect the XLR outs to the mid/tweeter amps. Verify that the psssive xover is stock. The passive will block all freqs below 100Hz hiting the L-EMIMs. Connect the RCAs to the External controller, woofer amps, then the woofers.. Simple.