Infinity Cascade Model Nine

What is the story on this model? Is the design flawed? I have found very few reviews to read.... Not much talk in any forums. The "lifestyle design" is striking to me but I can't hear a "striking" cabinet! The price tag is hefty but I've been noticing discounts down to 50% off, which puts them at my price level. I'm also considering Ascend Acoustics Sierra, used Spendor SE8, used Reference 3A Veena. I was eyeballing these Cascades when they were a grand apiece, now two is available for same price. I have no where to audition any speakers except for Best Buy.
this model needs a sub to play full range. other than that, it's pretty cool.
Any sub, or the cascade model sub? Am I right in concluding that because of the low sensitivity they would also need more than an pioneer "elite" 56txi to power them?
Thank you for responding Jaybo. It's appreciated. I guess I asked an irrelevant question, or asked it the wrong way. The subject of the Infinity Cascades gets again, very little response.
I'm using the 5.1 cascade in my tv room and they work very well for my needs.Running them with a Harmon Kardon avr347 which puts out 55 watts per channel and it goes as loud as I care to listen to. YMMV. Using for home theater use only.

Sub 15
Nines- fronts
Sevens- rears
Three-C- center
Oh,and I'm pleased as punch with the quality of the whole system. Wont be looking to upgrade any time soon. 8^)