inexpensive transport for benchmark dac 1

hi. i bought both a marantz 8260 sacd player, and a benchmark dac 1 to compare. using the marantz as a transport, i preferred the sound of the dac 1. when i sent the marantz back, i found that my old cd player (rotel 855) and two recommended dvd players (toshiba 3960 and panasonic S47) both sounded greatly inferior as transports, lacking in both detail and transparency. what have others found to be successful as transports (keeping the cost as low as possible)? thanks very much, kb
A used Sony DVP-S7700 or Pioneer DV-47A.
Pioneer DVD 525, less than $50 on ebay! Cheers,
Careful on the Pioneer DV47. Mine was a complete POS, taking three trips back to the shop before it quit for good (wouldn't power up) a month ago. My dealer whom I trust says it's very uncommon, but that was my experience.