In Search Of !!

Is there anyone out there that has (or) knows where I can obtain a Good Step ~By ~Step Video, on how to set up a Graham 1.5 Uni-Pivot Tonearm ? I need more than a Manual to configure this to an Oracle Delphi Mark V Turntable & a Benz~ Micro {Glider} Cartridge ? I looked on You Tube ? But there's everything but that on there ? 

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The Chops
No video, but I installed that exact arm and cartridge on my table many years ago. Your rig will make beautiful music! Remove the arm wand first, just to get it out of the way, and it should be pretty simple and straightforward. Cartridge alignment, with the arm wand off and if you have the jig, is crazy easy! Main reason I bought that arm, makes precision cartridge alignment so easy.

Mine had a fairly large and sort of rectangular base, with a large slot to enable micro-adjustment of pivot to spindle distance. Another version had a round base that used a fixed location. That one you have to measure a little more accurately. Either way, as I recall there is a little plastic jig that slides onto the spindle, with another one on the arm, that together assures perfect P2S.  I’m guessing your problem/question has to do with drilling/tapping mounting for it? Because all the rest is cake!