Impedance issues???

Will I run into any issues if my digital cable is rca/rca(75 ohm) from my transport to my DAC and my I/Cs are balanced
(110 ohm) from my DAC to the preamp?

No. (No. No. No. Added since audiogon won't accept a 2 letter response even though it says it all.)
To second KR4: The impedance matching of your digital cable is entirely separate from the impedance matching of your audio interconnects.
Absolutely ditto ... each device has an input and output impedence which is usually very different. It does pay to check it all in your manuals since impedence matching is important (e.g., the output impedence of your preamp should be a good bit -- e.g., 10 times -- lower than the input impedence of your power amp). What you describe is typical so you should have no worries.
Thanks to all.