ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?

Curious to hear your early impressions of the new iPhono3 Black Label.

A review sample arrived here Friday (6/12/2020) and I'm still getting some hours on the unit before doing any critical listening, but first impressions are of a real punchy, dynamic unit that will hopefully bloom as I get more miles on the clock.
For $995 it already sounds like it's going to be competitive with units a couple of rungs up the ladder. I just got done with an initial review and a quickly thrown together youtube vid, if anyone's interested. - 

I owned the iPhono2 for a while and it was pretty good. It'll be interesting to hear how good the "Black Label" sounds at the 400-hour mark and also what other folks think of it.

Speak up!

@totem395 yes, I have one on order from Audio Advisor.
Based on the classic geometric proof, "things equal to the same thing are equal to each other", can we infer that you like the Allnic H1202 better than the ARC Ref 10 and the Zesto best of all, so far?
@lewm Hi, not sure if your question is aimed toward me (the OP) or Audiofun, but I've never heard the ARC Ref 10 and I favor the Allnic H-1202 over the Zesto Andros.


Hi lewm :) Hope all is well. I think you’ve combined my review and rooze’s comments. I have heard the Ref 10 on multiple occasions but I’ve never heard the Allnic or the Zesto gear thus I can’t intelligently comment on their respective sound qualities.
Thx guys. My conflation of your separate opinions is a product of reading on my cell phone.