If your were to assemble a vintage system ?

Let’s say you were going to put together a vintage system and your source was primarily vinyl. Your price limit is $1500. What would it be? 
Make it as musical as possible. Super detail or thunderous bass isn’t going to be very high on the list. My first thought would be a 70’s Marantz receiver (50ish wpc is more than adequate) an 80’s AR table, and any iteration of a Vandersteen 2C that didn’t bust the budget. 

Could easily also swap in a Pioneer SX750 instead of a Marantz. 
Cartridge? Not sure- might actually go with something modern/current. AT or Nagaoka 

what would you put together? 
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What I owned in about 1976 I would clearly buy again:

advent 300 receiver $270
rogers LS3/5a- $595
B&O turntable (not the linear tracking) $375

then since you can split the advent as a preamp, add a used EL34 tube amp.  I had a marantz 8 that I paid $225 for, or you could find a dynaco ST70 for a similar price, or a Conrad Johnson MV45 for a bit more money.

total cost ~$1500