Ideas for shipping vinyl??

I'm getting ready to sell off some off the albums I have collected. Any ideas on where to obtain reasonably priced containers for individual albums?

PIZZA boxes...they are free...slice not included!!
You can make your own by cutting up cardboard boxes or go to, they sale lp mailers at a resaonable price. Good luck.
If you ship USPS Priority Mail, the Post Office has boxes that are the perfect size -- and they're FREE, so long as you ship Priority Mail. You can even flatten them so you don't have to add additonal packing material and slip the LP inside and seal it. I've received quite a few from sellers shipped this way and they always have arrived in perfect condition (that is, the condition they were sent in).
I would get mailers or cut cardboard.I personally do not like getting the priority mail boxes 2" high stuffed with newspaper.An go priority-bulk or media rate get's dumped into hoppers over snd over again.
I always recycle the boxes I get from Classic Records, Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds.
Try contacting Audiogon member "Hellerfi". He has sold many, many, many LP's and shipped via USPS. I'm sure that he'd be glad to help you out. Maybe he'll see this thread and respond here. Sean
I have used the "Album Mailer Box" and the "LP Mailer Filler Pads" with no problems from Bags Unlimited. Bags Unlimited is a developer and supplier of collection systems and has an extensive catalog of shipping containers, mailing packages,and display systems for a variety of collectibles including 45's, 33 1/2's, 78's, cassettes, etc. You can contact them at 1-800-767-BAGS or
The small size box from Uhaul, Public Storage, Ryder, etc are sized for records and are approx 13x13x16 and cost about $2. Will hold about 110 to 120 LPs and weigh about 65 pounds when full. USPS has a "Media Rate" for up to 70 pounds which will cost about $24 to ship.

Line the bottom of the box with an extra layer of cardboard which is cut a few inches larger than the bottom so that it can be folded upwards to support the bottom AND all bottom edges. Secure ALL edges with plastic packaging tape.

It doesn't get cheaper/easier/faster/better than this to ship bulk.