ICs and Cables to match Paradigm Studio 100 v2s

Hi, I've recently purchased a variety of used equipment through Audiogon:

Conrad-Johnson MF 2250
Conrad-Johnson PV14L
Paradigm Studio 100 v2

CD player: To be decided, but probably will be Sony XA-777ES.

Do any of you have suggestions/experience on what cables and interconnects would go well with this potential combination? My understanding is that the Paradigms should be bi-wired. Also, I've read great reviews of the Acoustic Zen, and at the stereo shop, the Synergistic Resolution Reference sounded really good, but way out of my budget ($5,000 for cables and interconnects)

Last, my budget for 8 ft. bi-wire cables and 2 sets of RCA interconnects (1m and .5m) is about $1,000 on Audiogon.

Thanks in advance.

I also have the Paradigm Studio 100v2. Sonic Frontiers Line 1 pre and Anthem MCA 20 amp. I am using the Virtual Dynamics Audition cable package (3 PC's, 2 IC's, and a pair of biwired speaker cable WBT banana ends). I am very happy with this set up. A lot of guys in the forum speak glowingly of the Nite cables from Virtual which are quite a bit more expensive. As it is, the Audition package is available at your budget level contact http://www.virtualdynamics.ca . They offer a home trial. Be aware that they will sound lousy the moment you first hook them up and power everything on. Sound will be quite a bit better in three days and a lot better in a month. The tend to cook for several months. Be aware that these are stiff cables but easily bent to shape which they retain. If ordering the package, mention that you want biwire speaker cables and they will adjust the price slightly. If you opt for spades remember that the 100's need 8mm spades. Good luck in your search.
I also have a SF Line 1 , Anthem Amp 2 and Studio 100s v.1 and have been very happy with Analysis Plus Oval 9. I am also using TransParent ICs. I have not done enough real world comparisons between other cables, but am a big believer in AP...I feel like I was suckers into buying TransParent. Thank god I bought most of TransParent used!!!
I use QED Genesis silver spiral and I am so happy with them..first I used QED Silver Anniversary with my Studio 100 and I was happy but then I wanted to use their top cable which is Genesis and it made a big difference in the sound..I have the Genesis now and I will bi-wire soon..I will keep the Genesis for the highs and I will have another new run of cables for the lows..probably Genesis again or a simple good low frequency performer..I am not sure which one to use yet..