ICEPower or Tripath?

I currently have a 845 SET feeding to a pair of Quad 12L2 speakers. Although I really love that tube sound, I am trying to get something with more power. Should I go for a Red Wine or something like the Bel Canto M300? I listen to both digital and analog sources about equally if that matters. Thanks.
I owned a Red Wine 30.2 for a short period of time and in my system it was the most musical amp I have ever experienced.Unfortunately,it wasn't a seamless match with my Electroststats and clipped on more difficult musical passages.
Hindsight being 20 20 I should have opted for the more powerful 70.2 mono blocks.
The 30.2 with the right speakers would be hard to surpass and you don't have to be concerned about PC's.
Before spending that much money, you might want to try a pair of Quad12L-active speakers. I don't know if the driver and cabinet are identical to your current speaker, but I own a pair and they are pretty darn good.

You can buy a new pair of Quad12L Actives for under $900 or wait on a used pair for probably under $700. If you love the actives, you can sell off the 845 SET and 12L2s and pocket the difference or spend it on other stuff....


I thought the 70.2 and 30.2 have the same power output? Both 30W at 8 ohms? Maybe the 70.2 is more refined.
That is true,30 wpc into 8 ohms.It doubles to 70wpc into 4 ohms.Further,the 70.2 offers 2X the maximum output current drive capability.