Audiosource/Tripath based Digital Amps

I was poking around looking for a spare amp at a low price when I happened across an ad for an amplifier using the same digital chip that some other digital amps are using. Further research led me to find that Audiosource has released 3 amps using this chip: the 6.2, 6.3 and 7T. Has anyone actually listened to one of the above? What do you think? They are so cheap that many will probably not take them seriously.
Hi Joe_b: I haven't had a chance to test the Tripath-equipped Audiosources, but I have the Audiosource Amp2s running in bridged mode (200 watts into each speaker of a pair of NHT VT1.2 floorstanders). Matched with the right digital front end (I am auditioning CD players right now), and the combination is amazingly detailed, non-fatiguing sound (I listen to mostly jazz) with a soundstage just big enough for my living/listening room (15'x20'). Verdict? Audiosource is probably one of the best hidden and untold gems in hi-fi...8-) BTW, I am curious about the Tripath version of these Audiosource amps, so any comments from anyone are welcome!
Hello MGS, Your opinion of their "non-tripath" amps is consistent with other user reviews that I have read. In part, because of this, I am curious as to what the tripath based amps sound like. BTW, they are stereo amps, the 6.2 and 6.3 have balanced and unbalanced inputs, they have volume controls and headphone amps built in. The 6.2 (100wpc) is available on sale for as low as $280. While I understand that the power supply and connectors used will alter the sound of the tripath module, I wonder how close the audiosource is to other tripath amps.
Joe_b, what other amps that uses the tripath module are you aware of? I am a little out of date...
Bel Canto Design has a 2,4, and 6 channel amp using the Tripath module. They all sound excellent.
The Bel Canto amp mentioned above uses it. It has gotten a rave review. I have also read a post on another site where someone had built their own amp from the tripath module. Have also read that EVS is planning on releasing a tripath based amp. I believe the TACT digital amp is similar in design to the tripath module but not quite the same.