IC question

IC between source to pream is more affect on the sys than IC preamp to amp???
Do I have to use the same level of the IC for those?

I recently changed the IC( Oracle MA) from my source to the preamp and I am so happy with the result I get. I wonder will another pair of Oracle MA or MA-X from preamp to amp will continue to surprise me.

Thanks for your help
Very interesting question that has been asked many times before. You will get mixed reviews regarding which interconnect will yield the most dynamic sound etc. In my opinion the interconnects between the preamp and amp will alter the sound the most. With that said I sometimes wonder if itÂ’s system dependent. I suggest you listen to music that you know the best and then switch interconnects (source to Pre with the interconnects Pre to amp) and note what changes you hear. I know many audiophiles that mix and match interconnects to create the sound that they prefer. No golden rule, trial and error and learn.
I second Lak's recommendation. Listen, then switch the interconnect from source to Pre with the interconnects Pre to amp. I usually hear more change with IC's from source to preamp. Don't think you will get the same impact with a second pair, you can expect smaller improvement.

Yes-assuming everything in your system is the same- then source to pre gives greatest improvement.
No- you don't have to have same level throughout; although everyone I know wants to optimize their sound.
After I had upgraded my source to pre i/c I found upgrading the i/c between my Spectral pre and Spectral amp to make a beautiful difference. (I'm definitely jealous about your Oracle i/c) Happy listening.
I tried MIT oracle V1.1 between my ensemble fonobrio phonostage and CJ ACT 2.2 preamp and between CJ ACT 2.2 and CJ 350 poweramp. I like it better between my phonostage and preamp. Happy listening
Thank you very much for your input