I want an inexpensive chinese tube power or integr

I have Magneplaner 3.5s connected with MIT 750 biwire cables to my Krell ksa 300s and an Audio Research LS preamp, I listen to Dick Hymen, Willie Nelson, and other ODD dead people type of music.
I want to get a taste of tubes on the cheap, what can you recommend ?
I'm very happy with my Audio Space integrated, I think the line represents very good sound for the money.
Don't know if the power output will suit your speakers' requirement but if so, I'd try Antique Sound Labs:
For about USD 1k (new) you should be able to get their smallest integrated MG SI 15 DT where you can even play with switchable triode and pentode operation.
For USD 350/piece (new) I've seen their smallest mono-blocks WAVE AV 25 DT on offer.
Whereas I prefer the Unison I have in my own system, Antique's bigger AQ 1001 integrated made an excellent impression at the dealer's.

Otherwise a used Prima Luna?
Check out Tube Audio Design. www.tubeaudiodesign.com Username here is Bizzybee. He supplies a great value for the dollars spent.
Check out DARED AUDIO as well. Very well made.
SQ-88 from Quest for Sound, 55 watt integrated with remote control for volume. Steve Monte owner of Quest, a dealer found here on the AGO web site here. Great guy to deal with. Also recently saw a used one up for grabs on this site, may yet be available. Well built and sounds great. I love mine.
aren't those speakers 4 ohm and 82 db efficient? that's a tough one for a tubed amp to handle....agree with glenhifi, call stephen monte and quest for sound and see if he has anything that will drive those panels...he has gear at all price levels and is a tube maven.
given the speaker specs Larry quotes, the entry Antique Sound Labs would not be an option then
Bootlegging, piracy, lack of Q.C., and ignoring intellectual property rights will reduce the price of any product!

Try some Chinese tubes if you want to try cheap...about 1/2 the life-span of NOS tubes and grainy as 40 grit sandpaper....will this post be censored?
Not sure what the current price is but TAD has a 100Watt/ channel set of tube monos that might fit the bill. Give Paul an email at Bizzy Bee and see what he says. I have his Pre, SS monos, and 60 watt tube amp and in my experience, they are hard to beat for the money. He has a 60Watt/ Channel Amp that gets excellent reviews and I drove them for two years with my Vandy 2CE sigs( 86DB @ 6 Ohms)
A used Cayin unit, 50 or higher will be a great investment and at the same time get you hooked. A Cayin 88 will drive the Krells. I've heard the 88 with the Krell's and it was the equal of Mac 275's, which the 88 is advertised as a clone.

As for 'Bootlegging, piracy, lack of Q.C., and ignoring intellectual property rights will reduce the price of any product!' True, but that is not what Cayin is all about. QC is excellent, done to avionics spec's, designs they use are all classic and in the public domain. Dealer's do not like the line since the profit margins favor the buyer, not the seller.
I have a Sheng-ya hybrid integrated which I love for a second system. This integrated is also sold under the Vincent and Kavent names. All you have to do is replace the original Chinese tubes with better ones.
And as for Chinese tubes; try a set of cyro'd Valve Art KT-88s and you will throw those crap eastern European ones in the nearest trash.