i want a new turntable ?

Hi Everyone
At the moment i have a rega planer 2 withe glass platter its black im not sure how old ,i'm happy with the sound but i find it is playing a little fast , i like the look of the Technics 1200 D/Drive it has pitch control and the build is fantastic, i just want a turntable with equal sonics to the planer 2 , will the Technics give me this or maby better ? its hard to audition one all the ones available in my area are sold through Dj stores and to me i cant tell if its up to the planer standard on there dj setups, i will use a Nagaoka Mp11 m/m cartridge, can anyone advise ? Thanks
If you just want to fix the speed, which is a well know problem of your table, a layer or two of tape around the platter where the belt rides is meant to do the trick. I believe electrical tape is often used.

A search on VA for something like rega +speed +tape will turn up posts by those who've done it. That should fix your speed problem for next to nothing, and it will certainly give you equal sonics! :-)
Another fix is a router speed control that plugs into the AC line and then you can dial it to the exact speed. I causes no sonic or performance problems since the AC is for the motor only. Look at woodcraft.com or rockler.com to find one.
Hey Doug
Thanks for the tip , just applied 2 turns of electrical tape to the larger pully and problem solved audiogon solves my problem once again , thanks . Maby a technics 1200 m2 one day ,they really are a nice deck.
:-) :-) :-)