I think my CD player died so............

I have a Sony ES85 cd player and have been using it with an Audio Alchemy DITB. Not the best digital by far but it has been doing for now. Today as I sat to listen, after the CD was playing for about 1 minute the sound became very distorted and crackly. Thought it might be the DITB so I disconnected it and the same thing happened. Tried several CD's, the same. Switched to vinyl to rule out the amp and the sound was fine. So I am pretty sure it's the CD player. So a few questions: Has anyone had a CD player go like this or know what is the reason this is happening? The rest of my system is a Krell 300i, Dunlavy SC-III's and MIT cables; any recommendations for a new CD player? Upper price range would be 3k or there abouts. Thanks for any responses. John V.
It only $600 but check out the Ah CD player
Meridian 508-24! In my opinion and taste, everything else, short of analog, would sound "harsh". Meridian 508-24 is the only player i would replace my Karik with. Krell is "dry", Dunlavy(especialy if driven by Krell)also. Meridian has that "something" analog like....! Good Luck!