I saw an ad for Morrow Audio cables

And I went to their website and browsed.  Now their ads are popping up on Yahoo, Facebook, Audiogon and on and on.  Has this happened to anyone else? I have my cookies turned off and I've deleted my browser history, and the ads still keep coming.
I did a search here and there hasn't been much of anything new posted about anything Morrow.  Does anyone use their stuff anymore??

Hello all... yes, we retarget. We have it set to do so for 14 days. Even if our ad did not appear there, some other ad would since the website you are on has that space for google ads. 

As as for the discount to avoid a return, we did that many years ago when we first started. We no longer do that.

igrabber2 what poor quality did you experience? We have never received such feedback. Please email me at [email protected] If you had a bad experience, I will do my best to make it right! Mike Morrow
Although im not shopping for cables at this time, ive always heard good things about Morrow and their service. I read a post, maybe on the Hoffman Forum, that their entry level cables are a great starting point.  I believe, at one time, not certain now, you can keep trading in your cables and go up the food chain. Sounds like a really great way to avoid risk when debating if upgrading is worth it. 
   I’ve been running Morrow cables for almost 2 years . I recently added 2 MPA4 power cords . I replaced Silnote and Anti-Cables with Morrow products . I’ve purchased my Cables new on the 50% off sales , which makes them competitively priced . I run on Apple products and clear my cookies and have never encountered the problem you mention . I have had  many conversations with Mike and other staff , even sending fishing photos from California. They are polite, honest and friendly . I buy when what I want is on sale and have never excercised their gracious return policy . Mike is attentive and might seem imposing to some people . But Mike also followed up when I was slow to purchase after a conversation and offered additional savings above the sale price by asking if I needed financial help . I was really struck by his generosity. I had made the purchase and jokingly asked if he would throw in some “ Free Burn in Time “ and he gave me 13 days ! I think our tastes and systems vary and totally understand not liking the sound and finding something better as taste varies . But people continue to harp on him for petty stuff . I see him as being proud of his work and promoting our hobby . BTW my daughter just obtained the newest IPhone and we talked about Vasque hiking boots and the next time she got on line , there was a pop-up for those boots . THE PHONE WAS LISTENING ! Cheers to all, Mike B sunny California. 
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