I saw an ad for Morrow Audio cables

And I went to their website and browsed.  Now their ads are popping up on Yahoo, Facebook, Audiogon and on and on.  Has this happened to anyone else? I have my cookies turned off and I've deleted my browser history, and the ads still keep coming.
I did a search here and there hasn't been much of anything new posted about anything Morrow.  Does anyone use their stuff anymore??

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If you used Google to search or clicked on one of the ads, that may explain why you are being tracked and targeted.

Use Epic Privacy Browser & set your location to UK or Germany and hope the new GDPR regulations will protect your privacy! or you can switch to browser incognito mode.
Download Adblock Plus. Works on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Android.
Good article on protecting your internet privacy I did the Google one and tracking did stop.
Jond,I just clicked your link and got bombarded with Rolex adds! On the side, in the middle, over the top of whatever you were trying to show me.

I’m using Epic Privacy now and am now in France. ;) we’ll see what happens.


i just went to jond's link and got We noticed you’re blocking ads.
Adblock works well on my Mac.
It's just a Washington Post article but here is the relevant info you need on Google.

Google is the giant black hole of the tech world, sucking up as much personal data as it can get away with.

  • Google is keeping track of every phrase you've ever searched for, every site you’ve visited and every YouTube video you’ve watched … including the embarrassing ones.
    • On the Web, use this link to Google’s activity controls to turn off Web and App Activity.
    • While you’re there, scroll down and also turn off YouTube Search History and YouTube Watch History.
    • What you give up: You won’t be able to dig back up websites and videos you once visited, and Google’s systems won’t get to know you as well.
  • Google makes a map of everywhere you go that would make the CIA envious.
    • On the Web, at the same link for Google’s activity controls to turn off Location History.
    • There are several ways you might have turned on Location History. Google tells me that in the future, it will stop asking you to turn on this function when you initially set up its Assistant an Android phone. (Imagine that: a tech giant actually scaling back some data collection.)
    • What you give up: You won’t be able to walk down memory lane, and Google’s recommendations based on your travels won’t be as good.

While you’re at it, you can stop oversharing with Google’s advertisers.

  • Google helps marketers target you on Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Gmail.
    • On the Web, use this link for Ads Settings to turn off Ads personalization.
    • What you give up: You may see less “useful” ads, a concern for nobody anywhere ever.

There are much better cables out there  such as Purist.Good luck though!!
Agreed that the Morrow ads are annoying, and his company is very aggressive on this front!  And agreed that their cables are OK but nothing special.  I had the MA6's for a while, but they always seemed a bit "synthetic" sounding in my system, in retrospect.  I demo'd their SP7 speaker cables, which were their top of the line at the time, and they just never sounded good in my system, even with ~500 hours of break in time.  Mike Morrow kept encouraging me to give them break in time - - then when I told him I wanted to send them back, he asked if I would keep them if he sold them to me for 1/2 of the already "30% off!!!" pricing.  I found that interesting.  I returned them and went with the extremely musical Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables instead, at less money than Mike's amazing offer.  Absolutely no contest, in my system.
Wow! That seems desperate!! 
I will be looking for a matching pair of power cables, but not from them.

Thanks jond for the read. I couldn’t see it before and didn’t want to go back!

Just an important note:

It has to be "adblock plus", not adblock.
Adblock is a commercial entity that popped up after adblock plus.
Adblock plus is one guy, and he does it right.
adblock, stole the name, shortened it ...and then put their adblocker out there. then, they apparently sell off your browsing history.
Thanks teo_audio.

I'll be careful.

I didn't have good experience with Morrow either, bc of the aggressive salesmanship and poor product quality. 
If it's any consolation, that happens to me all the time, with plenty of other web sellers of audio gear.  At home I use Ad Block, but at work, the ads pop up all the time.  I'll survive, I suppose.
Ha,  well,  good to know that I'm doing my job.  I'm the VP of an Advertising agency.  Once we capture your IP, clearing cash or cookies doesn't matter much...……. Morrow is paying someone to retarget you.  I would recommend that you get a VPN subscription.   
Hello all... yes, we retarget. We have it set to do so for 14 days. Even if our ad did not appear there, some other ad would since the website you are on has that space for google ads. 

As as for the discount to avoid a return, we did that many years ago when we first started. We no longer do that.

igrabber2 what poor quality did you experience? We have never received such feedback. Please email me at morrowaudio@gmail.com. If you had a bad experience, I will do my best to make it right! Mike Morrow
Although im not shopping for cables at this time, ive always heard good things about Morrow and their service. I read a post, maybe on the Hoffman Forum, that their entry level cables are a great starting point.  I believe, at one time, not certain now, you can keep trading in your cables and go up the food chain. Sounds like a really great way to avoid risk when debating if upgrading is worth it. 
   I’ve been running Morrow cables for almost 2 years . I recently added 2 MPA4 power cords . I replaced Silnote and Anti-Cables with Morrow products . I’ve purchased my Cables new on the 50% off sales , which makes them competitively priced . I run on Apple products and clear my cookies and have never encountered the problem you mention . I have had  many conversations with Mike and other staff , even sending fishing photos from California. They are polite, honest and friendly . I buy when what I want is on sale and have never excercised their gracious return policy . Mike is attentive and might seem imposing to some people . But Mike also followed up when I was slow to purchase after a conversation and offered additional savings above the sale price by asking if I needed financial help . I was really struck by his generosity. I had made the purchase and jokingly asked if he would throw in some “ Free Burn in Time “ and he gave me 13 days ! I think our tastes and systems vary and totally understand not liking the sound and finding something better as taste varies . But people continue to harp on him for petty stuff . I see him as being proud of his work and promoting our hobby . BTW my daughter just obtained the newest IPhone and we talked about Vasque hiking boots and the next time she got on line , there was a pop-up for those boots . THE PHONE WAS LISTENING ! Cheers to all, Mike B sunny California. 
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I'm amazed that Morrow Audio remains competitive with no mention of OFC or OCC in their products. Oh well, at least they've done away with the silver-plating on copper.
They did change their "formula" and no longer use silver clad copper conductors.  I've had good luck with them, I think as with all cables, it depends on the synergy of your system. 

I tried all Audioquest and then all Morrow IC's, and in the end liked a mixture of both.  With Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cable, mind you.  I'd be willing to try the new design, but I think this will be a lean year audio wise since I went a little over the top last year.  Maybe next year.