I need RCA Connection help

I am putting together a pioneer system. The Old silver series. I have the SG-9500 equalizer, The RG-2 Dynamic Expander and the RT-707 reel to reel tape deck Soon to have the RT-909. I can hook up either the equalizer through the tape deck or the dynamic expander through the tape deck. But i can't figure out how to wire all three in series. The manual doesn't explain much. Can someone help me to figure out how to run the interconnects in a way that i can get all three componets on one tape monitor. This stuff is also built like a tank. Beautiful stuff.

I suspect you can "daisy chain the things. Don't the EQ and the expander have in's and out's? If so, go from the receiver to the tape, through the EQ, then through the expander, then back into the recievr.
Usually there will be a fair bit of added noise with all of these units in this fashion, but if you insist on going this route, this'll be the way.
Make sure to put tape first, because of you screw around with the signal through all the other devices first, it'll get ugly by the time the tape tries to record it.
Good luck
Why not chain them in series--run the equalizer outs into the dynamic expander and then back into the loop. One or the other must have a pass through function.
Thanks for the info. I had a system in the 70's which i thought sounded pretty good. I am trying to recreate that sound. Forgot how to run the interconnects to 3 components.