I Need an amp for some Nola Minis.

Can the forum gurus help me out with which integrated or power amps would be a good fit? Thanks for your help!
What's your budget? What are you using now for amp and preamp? Here's a quote from a 2003 Stereophile review:
The Alón L'il Rascal Mk.II's voltage sensitivity was very slightly higher than specified, at 89dB(B)/2.83V/m, which is also 2dB above the average I found in my 1999 articles on speaker measurements. Its plot of impedance magnitude and phase (fig.1) revealed it to be an easy load for the partnering amplifier to drive, its impedance dropping below 8 ohms only in the lower midrange. Both sensitivity and impedance values indicate that the Rascal would be a good match for the inexpensive amplifiers with which it is likely to be used.
I used a Kora explorer 90 integrated with great success.
Thanks! I has a Kora peice once before, it was nice.