I have seen the Future and it is Kalaidasape


Just saw a Kalaidascape(sp?). Excellent picture quality, including an HD clip. This is ready for prime time. When higher resolution content comes, this will be a killer. If it ever gets it's audio act together, say goodby to transports, dacs etc. I can foresee the day when combined with say a Meridian processor, it will be our content provider. The salesman was saying how Meridian MLP is part of both high def DVD camps, and that this has a good chance of becoming the new hires audio format. I was very sceptical, until I read the same thing in the latest Perfect Vision. Of course, it's still very pricy, but not when compared to my Meitner? ARC Ref3 stack.

David Shapiro

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>Of course, it starts at $22,000.<

I don't think it will be in MY future.....