I have Rotel amp RB 1582/looking for compatable pre amp to power Paradigm studio 100

I have Rotel amp RB 1582/looking for compatable pre amp/Paradigm studio 100 speakers.

I know Rotel RC 1580 is.... Found a RC 1070 used wanted to know if that would be better than my Marantz


My system now:

Marantz 2325

Rotel RB 1582

Nad C545BEE CD player

ditgital to analog converter

Paradigm studio 100 floor standing speakers.

Note: Suggested that Marantz 2325 was holding me back.  Turn up over half way speakers would pop(tweeters).

Would rather use Marantz as a tuner and add pre amp? Is that possible?

If your Marantz has a Tape/record out (fixed output) it could be used to send signal to a line level input on a pre.

Not sure what is meant by a “pop” from the tweeters, or what is causing this. The cause needs  to be identified prior to a fix. 

What is the age on the Marantz?

1973 Marantz 2325 -125watts per ch

Rotel is 200 watts per channel

This system as it stands now sounds really good and warm. Speakers are wired 2 wires to four 4 wires to 4 connections on each speaker.

Just want to more top end.

The Marantz is quite old and could very likely be the source of the problem.  Yes you might try a newer Rotel pre. Buying used allows you an opportunity to try without great expense should you decide to sell.