I Changed the rig again

Well, after 6 months of listening to the Wilson Sophia 11s with the Spectron Muscian SE MK2 I decided I've tweaked about as much as I can and the sound was great! But I was beginning to bore with the sound. It's an audiophile addiction. It seems that the grass is always greener. So, I got out the Cardersound Madison v2 out and hooked up the sub along with the custom 300B SET amp. I'm using the same front end and cables. Well, I just don't understand why I've taken so long to make the switch.

I've got just as much bass and the highs might be a little rolled(though not much) and the midrange is to die for! I'm glad I've got the luxury of swapping between the two sounds. Which are not that different with the exception of the presence and live sound that a good single driver design can give. Now not all single driver speakers are this good. The Cardersounds are really good at not sounding honky or nasal. Really nice. The sound is so big and upfront that I had to move the listening chair back some.

I wish I could have another rig that includes Magnapans then I would have all perspectives on what all think is live sound. So far the Cardersound, 300B combo sounds pretty damn good.Or maybe it's just a different sound for the present and is satifying my audiophile addiction for something new and different.

Good luck to all out there who thinks the holy grail is one particular system or sound. It's all good and I'm glad to be blessed with the ability to use most of them.
An Additive to my OP. The dynamics are much more evident. I'm just pushed back in my chair. It's amazing that 9 watts with the proper speaker can make you more on the edge of your seat
The Spectron is Class D right? I'd expect you'd hear quite a difference between that and tubes especially SET. Pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum. It'd be interesting if you had a class A amp in there to compare too. But yeah, it's great if you can afford a lot of different sounding gear. Better yet when you afford to have two or more systems for different types of music.
Yes it's class D. But it's the best one I've auditioned and I've listened to a lot. Including traditional A/AB solid state amps. Fully class A solid state amps have always sounded too slow for my taste. I've been a SET guy for years and just change up to the sound of what's supposely the latest greatest form of music reproduction thus, the Sophia/Spectron combo. Hard to beat the 300B in SET.
Just dumped my Sophias for Maggie 3.6R's...properly setup they are vibrant, effortless and smooth. Very alive
sounding with tremendous transparency and dimensionality. Makes the Wilsons sound slow and closed in...full scale imaging with an acoustic wave launch to die for! I'm using Krell amplification with great success. I also improved the sound by installing the Cardas Maggie jumper kit and tweeter attenuation jumpers along with HiFi Tuning fuses...very seeet:O ) I've also never found a speaker that responded so well to MIT cabling...closer to the real thing than ever.