I am having technical problems w/ Audiogon-help

I tried to buy a piece of equipment a couple of days ago. I got this note from Audiogon that said I need to confirm my e-mail address due to bounce backs. I followed the instructions. I was supposed to get a 4 digit confirmation code in return. I tried this three times and I got no response. I have also written 2 e-mails to audiogon, seeking help, which don't appear to have gone through. So, my question is how do you contact Audiogon when your e-mail is having a problem? I am hoping someone knows a phone#. I can't find a phone # listed on the site. As you can see by now this is rather circular. I would greatly appreciate some help w/ this matter.

Thnk You in Advance,
Bryan1, emails to you from Audiogon are indeed bouncing. The error message being returned is:
"Deferred: Connection reset by bsdpop.netcarrier.net."

That means that for some reason, your email receiving server is rejecting emails from Audiogon servers. If you did not receive the "code" either, then there is definitely a problem. Further, we have not received any emails from you to "service@audiogon.com" either. Now, this means emails from your ISP are having problems with at least TWO servers from Audiogon, because all the ads and ad related emails are on one server, while "service@audiogon.com" is on another server.

You should contact your ISP, perhaps "support@netcarrier.net" or something like that, a after taking a look at this help page:

The above page contains some specific information, such as IP addresses of our servers, that you should forward to your ISP support folks, and see if they can figure out what's going on. If your ISP folks want to contact us, please have them email "service@audiogon.com".

Lastly, we do not publish a phone number on the website, because our staff is not necessarily at any given number at any given time. Being an internet company, the day to day support staff are scattered throughout the country (world to some extent). This allows us to have people online nearly 24/7/365, rather than say 9-5 m-f.....
If you are having problems with your email, the thing to do would be to set up a temporary Hotmail or Yahoo account until you can get everything straightened out. It's always nice to have something to fall back on when things such as e-mail don't go as planned. This type of "free email" can save you when all else fails. You can still communicate this way and work towards resolving the problem. Sean

Good idea, Sean. I am evidently having the same problem as Bryan1, and I have no idea why. I'll try the hotmail solution. Thanks for the suggestion...