I am considering an audition of the Esoteric X-01

I am considering an audition of the Esoteric X-01 SACD/CD player and was hoping owners of the same might offer their impressions, particularly against players in the same price range ($13K).
KMC188, be forewarned! Auditioning the X-01 may be a highly addictive experience. You may find yourself hopelessly fallen in love with this young and lively Japanese vixen, willing to sacrifice an unexpected amount of cash, just to maintain the pleasure of her company while you enhance her already considerable musical prowers with evermore extravagant powerchords an interconnects.
We are talking major middle-life-crisis material here!
On a more practical note, the X-01 has already been discussed on several threads. My detailed findings are found at:
You may also want to look at some more recent discourse at:
Finally, I spent several hours at a friends place a couple of weeks ago listening to an X-01 on which he is performing an extended audition, and I can only confirm my original positive feelings on this unit. I am planning to return to his place soon as the unit should be now more broken in.
I will post eventually my detailed findings on Audiogon.
It's an extraordinary player, and especially on SACD, which is mainly what I use it for, but it is ruthlessly accurate. It gives you everything there is on the disc--dynamics are better than anything else I've heard, soundstage is enormous, location is pinpoint. On a superb recording, or even a good one, you will be delighted. But on a bright or edgy one, you may not be; depends how much truth you want. I use it in a system with mainly Purist Dominus cables and one Kharma Enigma (digital), and it is wonderful, but I would think that a Nordost/Tara/XLO type of cable might be more of a problem.